GCS: Awarded 4 “Government Security Complex” projects by Saudi Aramco

SAUDI ARABIA – Gulf Co-Operation Symbols (GCS), a member of Sadeen Group, has been awarded four government security complex projects for Saudi Aramco.

The project consists of one government security complex at Haradh area to accommodate facilities security forces (FSF) personnel, and three dispatch points located in Hawiyah, Uthmaniyah Gas Plant and Uthmaniyah GOSP – 6, as well as several offices and support facilities.

The government security complex will include the soldiers’ accommodation, officers’ accommodation, offices, dining and multipurpose buildings, as well as a mosque, security guard house, detention room, gathering tent, utility building, generator shed, irrigation pump shed and control room.

The government security complex shall have a design capacity of 205 personnel, and equipped with all required furniture, equipment and accessories.

By the anticipated completion period of the project on December 2023, GCS will meet Saudi Aramco’s rigorous health, safety, environment and quality standards.