Sadeen Group

Represents operating businesses and investments across various sectors and countries with a great expertise in the market.

Gulf Co-Operation Symbols Cont. Co. Ltd.

GCS is a well-established general contractor and construction company and has been in the contracting business for more than three decades. GCS operates its business in Al Khobar - Saudi Arabia, Manama - Bahrain and Muscat - Sultanate of Oman, where we hold grade one classification for our various service categories.

GCS offers a wide range of technical and project management solutions, including and not limited to: engineering, procurement, construction (EPC), commissioning, start-up assistance, operations and maintenance services. With clients ranging from oil and gas to power generation, mining, infrastructure and other industries.

GCS specializes in the construction of new buildings, heavy and civil, infrastructure, electromechanical, facility management, and logistics support service projects for public and private sectors. Some of our esteemed clients include government ministries in Saudi Arabia, Oman and Bahrain. We work in close collaboration with Saudi Aramco Petrochemical and are involved in projects dealing with desalination, water supply and power generation/distribution.

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JO-SADEEN Contracting Co. Ltd (JSC)

Established in 2002 in Amman as a general contracting and construction company, JSC specializes in the development of buildings, civil engineering, infrastructure, and logistics projects for public and private sectors in Jordan.

By performing with best-in-class efficiency, JSC always delivers products and services to cater to our client›s requirements. We do so by implementing every step, from the first design to the finished project, with a keen eye to detail and optimized processes. Thereby allowing our clients to rest assured that their projects will be successful. For the last three decades, JSC has been a reliable and trusted partner for all its clients, exceeding expectations by delivering results that are driven by detail-oriented and proven processes.

We are able to create outstanding results on a consistent basis by identifying problem areas in advance, defining appropriate solutions, and implementing suitable corrective measures within our pro-active development model. These steps are an example of JCS’ quest for perfection, which is achieved through an iterative process that caters to each of our clients’ individual needs.

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Sadeen Renewable Energy

Sadeen Renewable Energy was established in 2016, given the enormous potential for PV Projects in Jordan and other parts of the Middle East. Sadeen Renewable Energy develops, finances, designs, builds and operates PV solar plants, which combine a cost-effective plant design with highly competitive unit prices.

Sadeen Renewable Energy’s PV plants are built according to the highest engineering standards only. Due to the outstanding quality of our PV projects, Sadeen Renewable Energy can position itself as the leading renewable energy company in the region.

Sadeen Renewable Energy has already installed close to 100 MWp of PV Projects in the Jordanian market, including the ‘AIHazaa Group’ PV plant with 16.5 MWp, which is currently under construction.

Sadeen Housing Co.

Real estate development shows strong growth in Jordan, and Sadeen Housing Co. was created to cater to the growing need for high-quality, yet affordable housing options throughout the country.

Our expert design team produces innovative solutions to provide attractive and durable living spaces for the people of Jordan. In close collaboration with our sister company Sadeen Contracting Co., we ensure that our designs are realized according to the highest standards only. This is how we create remarkable interior and exterior spaces that provide a modern ambience in a traditional surrounding.

With over 10 years of building experience and pioneering concept leadership, Sadeen Housing focuses on building living communities that embody innovation and progress, while keeping family values alive and creating value for generations to come.

Sadeen Amman Hotel

Sadeen Amman Hotels and Suites is a four-star hotel, located In Amman, Jordan, offering its guests exclusive facilities and comfort.

It’s a hotel for travelers that are looking for luxury in a private surrounding while still being in a convenient location. The service is known to be swift, professional, and always friendly.

Due to the ideal location in the heart of Amman city, guests have easy access to the best City Mall, that is only a 5-min drive away. Many attractions, including Al Hussein National Park, are close by and can be easily accessed.

Sadeen Amman Hotel offers an outstanding hospitality experience for all its guest, making sure that they have a pleasant and memorable experience while getting the best value for their money.

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Sadeen Car Rental

Sadeen Car Rental has been providing excellent customer service to Jordanian citizens and visitors from all over the world for more than 10 years. Sadeen Car Rent A Car currently operates its business throughout the Kingdom of Jordan and maintains the most extensive car fleet in the country.

Our cars fleet ranges from sub-compact to luxury sedans and includes vans, trucks and SUV’s. Even if we don’t have the vehicle our customers are looking for, we will do our best to acquire it for them.

We maintain a higher standard of customer service and satisfaction compared to any other car rental company. Our internal culture encourages innovation, and we build our services directly according to the needs of our clients. At Sadeen Car Rental, we know what our clients want and will not settle for anything less than excellence.

Our success can mainly be attributed to staying true to our mission statement: ’We always meet and exceed the expectations of our customers, by providing the highest level of service possible’. This approach to service, coupled with our professional staff that loves to serve their customers allows us to call us the No.1 car rental in Jordan confidently.

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Arabian Sadeen Real-Estate Investment Company

Arabian Sadeen was established in 2013 as a result of the collaboration between two regional market leaders, ‘Al Khuzaimy’ and ‘Sadeen Group’ to create a privately held real estate investment company based in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia.

Sadeen Group establishes itself as a leading developer in the Middle East & Europe by focusing on customer needs and their growing interest in residential, leisure, and commercial developments.

Sadeen Group has the technical and operational ability to deliver large scale residential projects and has access to broad financial assets to ensure sustained development of its projects. Arabian Sadeen has pledged its commitment to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to deliver turnkey housing and commercial projects according to Saudi Arabian ministerial requirements.

With operations throughout the Middle East and Europe, Sadeen plans to bring sustainable community development by offering a full range of housing options, retail centers, schools, recreation areas, and open spaces. Thereby providing job opportunities to community members and offering investment opportunities to master planners, community builders, real-estate investors and asset managers. Arabian Sadeen is building a high-value real-estate portfolio unmatched by any other player in the region. Its strong commitment to quality real estate development is an industry-first, and every individual property that is developed is set to be at the top of its class.

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Mayar International Schools

Mayar International Schools is one of the most well-respected schools in Amman, Jordan. The school has always been a pioneer in international and national education programs for more than ten years. According to its vision, the school provides innovative education that underlies in empowering students to be globally competitive learners, reliable citizens, and passionate leaders while preserving their ethical and cultural values. The school’s international programs (British and American) are accredited by the best and most prestigious agencies around the world that guarantee that students of Mayar International Schools are performing at the highest international levels.

With high growth and success rates, the school ascertains its mission aiming at delivering excellent educational services to inspire the students to take a leading and active role in their education. The school offers an inclusive and motivating environment for students to achieve their academic potential and develop their strengths. Furthermore, the school promotes the students’ critical thinking, problem-solving, digital literacy, multi-cultural communication, and lifelong learning skills.

Mayar International Schools’ highly equipped facilities allow the students to develop a broad spectrum of interests beyond the curriculum. The school’s performing arts and music productions, which have received much praise, qualify the children to build long-standing hobbies and modes of self-expression.

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Sadeen Education Investment ltd. Co.
The American University of Malta (AUM)

The American University of Malta is a modern international learning hub and one of the finest teaching-centered research universities in the world. Based on the American liberal arts model of higher education, it is established in Valletta, Malta.

AUM is committed to providing top-quality education that empowers its students and equips them with the skills necessary to become global citizens and leaders in their professional and personal lives.

At AUM, we adhere to the policies, operations and overall best practices laid out by American higher education models. We offer a unique learning experience through innovative programs and help shape a multicultural perspective that encourages freedom of thought and self- expression. Our graduates learn how to apply critical thinking, lifelong learning and develop personal integrity, civic responsibility, and leadership skills that will help to create a better world.

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