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Grand City Complex (38),
Abdullah Ghosheh St,
Amman 11953, Jordan


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Chairman Message

As the chairman of Sadeen Group, I’m proud to share the results of three decades of consistent growth with you. These are achievements that were only possible due to our goal-driven company culture and a long-standing vision for success.

At Sadeen, our clients, partners and stakeholders are at the center of everything we do. We are dedicated and passionate about bringing their ideas to life while always maintaining an entrepreneurial mindset and a high level of integrity in every aspect of our work.

Over the years, Sadeen grew into the international group of companies that it is today. Our activities range from construction, housing, hospitality, and education to logistics solutions in the Middle East, Africa, and Europe. With our focus on excellence, every single one of our companies is a leading force in their respective industry, serving our clients in any way they need.

Whatever the challenge, Sadeen is here to stay and move on with our mission of expansion. Therefore, I invite you to discover our range of services and look forward to our successful future collaborations, both regionally and globally.

About us

Sadeen Group represents operating businesses and investments across various sectors and countries with a great expertise in the market.

Sadeen Group Built on strong market experience, Sadeen Group represents international businesses and investors across various industries with high- level insights and solutions.

Our professional employees manage different divisions and departments in each company by successfully coordinating projects and their stakeholders. This is how we ensure timely achievement of project goals and best-in-class service for all of our clients.

We have established ourselves as a regional and global leader that brings cutting-edge technologies and solutions to our local markets. With our innovative approach, we can introduce hundreds of new products and applications every year – enabling local clients and communities to receive the best products or services for their individual needs.

With our strong focus on innovation and excellence, we create consistent value for our stakeholders and are on a mission to become the region's most efficient and innovative investment company.


Is to deliver extraordinary services and projects, with clear emphasis on quality, safety and value addition. We will strive to innovate and to provide solutions to create sustained growth for all of our clients and local communities.


We want our group companies to be top five in their respective industry and in the region we operate, by the turn of this decade. We wish to diversify into businesses involving innovation and technology to create value to our clients and stakeholders.

Our Approach

Sadeen Group stands on the principles of transparency, integrity and truthfulness. These are the cornerstones of our business culture, and we strive to provide our clients with the best service only.

Our Values

We believe we will be a group, creating value in society and making the business environment we operate in to be sustainable and eco-friendly. We believe in “share and care”. Our values define the core of our company.


Sadeen Group represents operating businesses and investments across various sectors and countries with a great expertise in the market.


Health, Safety & Environment

Sadeen Group prides itself in maintaining only the highest standards related to personal safety and health concerns. To ensure the implementation of these standards, our management, supervisors and employees receive ongoing training.

With individual attention every Sadeen Group member is educated on their responsibility and accountability for all safety- and health- related measures.

All our individual companies provide frequent training to their employees that relate to emotional, physical, and mental well-being. Furthermore, on- site measures like protective equipment, regular inspections, identifying & eliminating unsafe working conditions and practices facilitate a safe workplace for our workforce. Our ongoing training on safety procedures, personal conduct, safety discipline, accident reporting, personal protection, attention to tools & equipment, and first aid best practices help us to maintain a professional and safe working environment.

At Sadeen workplace safety is obligatory, and providing the right conditions and procedures for our workers will always be an essential aspect of our company culture. That’s why we strive to further develop, improve and refine the working conditions of our workers and make the personal safety of every employee our primary concern. Over the years, Sadeen Group has established itself as a role-model for the safe operation of job sites and is known as a reliable and trustworthy contractor.

Our Clients


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  • Saudi Aramco
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Ministry of Health
  • Ministry of Commerce and Investment
  • Ministry of Housing
  • Maaden
  • Saudi Electricity Company
  • Royal Commission for Jubail & Yanbu


. . . .

  • Ministry of Public Works & Housing
  • Jordanian Armed Forces
  • Yarmouk University
  • Hashemite University
  • Jordan Ariport Company
  • AL-Hazza Company for Renewable Energy


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  • Ministry of Higher Education


. . . .

  • Madayn
  • Ministry of Health


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  • Tecnicas Reunidas